The Thunderbird Football Association ("TFA") was created in 2000 to support the UBC Thunderbirds football program. Our membership is comprised of volunteers who care about UBC football.

The TFA has initiated a variety of programs and events over the years that have included the Frank Gnup Golf Tournament, the UBC Football Hall of Fame and HOF dinner. These have served as venues for Alumni and friends of the program to reconnect with each other and with the football program. While the focus of these events has been connecting the UBC Football community, some of these events have also served as fundraisers for the team.

In 2007 the "TFA Endowment Fund" was created with the expressed view of building the capital to $1,000,000. The "TFA Endowment Fund" is designed to assist the UBC Football program and its players by proving general assistance and athletic awards. When the fund was created the UBC athletic department promised to match a portion of the donation into the fund.

We will continue to be active on a number of fronts with the expressed view to build a vibrant and engaged UBC football community that actively supports a successful program. Our goal is to assist the UBC football program to become one of the best in Canada!